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Healing came so easily in the days of the gospel. A person would touch Jesus' garment and be healed. The leper approached Jesus and said, "I know You can, but will You heal me?" Two seconds later he was healed. The man born blind wasn't looking for Jesus, yet Jesus healed him. What is the difference between now and then? Why does it appear so easy in the Gospels and yet so difficult today?

Many people would respond that it's because it was Jesus in front of them in the flesh. Oh, if only Jesus would be right in front of us today, we would be healed. The focus of the Gospels is Jesus so we forget that there were many people seeing the sick healed. There were the twelve disciples, the other seventy and the two on the roadside casting out demons that had no relationship with Jesus or those close to Him.

Then after the cross, when Jesus was no longer physically present, we continue to see how easily healing miracles happened. Peter's shadow falling over those placed in his path while he was walking to the temple healed them. Pieces of Paul's clothing were sent out and people were instantly healed. Most of the time we shake this off thinking, Well that was just the apostles, a few selected individuals. But once again we forget in the book of Acts (of the apostles), the focus is on the apostles, not on the many others who were doing as instructed and healing the sick. An example: Stephen, who was merely a food distributor, doing an abundance of miracles. He wasn't alone; it is easily assumed the others chosen to distribute food were doing the same. What then is the hold-up today?

The hold-up is in our mindset. The Jews viewed healing as their right as God's chosen people. It was as Jesus stated: the children's bread. Notice Jesus uses bread, which was the staple of their diet; it wasn't an added-on, special treat. They didn't have to fight for their healing; God was their healer. They didn't have a warfare mindset that there was opposition to their healing.

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After the cross, the early church viewed healing the same way. They did not have the mindset that they had to fight to see people healed or fight to be healed themselves. Jesus had paid the price for our healing and no force could stand in the way of what was already given. They were in God's rest when it came to healing.

In today's Christian culture, we view healing as something that we have to struggle and fight to acquire. Instead of a free gift, it then becomes plunder that is acquired by force, which is in direct opposition to Jesus' words, "Freely you were given, freely give." To learn what the healed mindset is, listen to my podcast episode, The Healed Mindset: Warfare or Rest.

Tony Myers is the founder of Outside the 4 Walls Ministry. He is the author of The Lord Jesus Healed Me, Journey of an atheist to the Truth, Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing, Divine Healing DIY, Yes You Can, Knocking Food off its Pedestal and Pushing the Boundaries in Christ, Living Supernaturally. His website is

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