The Mystery of Paul's Thorn Revealed

While I was paralyzed and dying from Lou Gehrig's disease, from time to time when I was in the mood, the church van would show up to get me to the church. They would literally lift me into the vehicle. On one such trip, I was told about Paul's thorn in the flesh. This was from the aspect that it was a disease and God refused to heal Paul. As a result, after receiving prayer three times and no change, I figured God's answer to me was no; it wasn't His will to heal me, which plunged me into a mindset of hopelessness and led me to actively pursue suicide. I was a dead man anyway. Why prolong the suffering my wife and I were both going through? Remember the teaching about John 10:10 and who Jesus says the thief is? This is one way that the thief, religious leadership, kills, steals and destroys by wrong teaching.

The other way that the false teaching about Paul's thorn in the flesh steals is it supposedly gives comfort to those not healed. I've heard many people say, "It gives me comfort to know that God refused to heal the great apostle Paul." My response to that is there is something twisted about taking comfort in another's misery and pain. What actually is happening is that a person's ego and pride is being fed. The people that make this statement aren't suffering from a terminal illness in most cases; they're suffering from a quality-of-life injury or illness. But now their ego and pride are built up by the comparison to the apostle Paul. It is very ironic that Paul states he was given the thorn to keep him from being prideful but the very way it's taught causes some people to fall into pride!

There is no good that comes from the teaching Paul is writing regarding a mysterious illness God refuses to heal, which means that this is a wrong teaching that causes harm to others. It is the cause of hopelessness and, in some cases, leads others into the sin of pride. Discover the truth in the episode "The Mystery of Paul's Thorn Revealed." This teaching will set the record straight and give you hope no matter what you are suffering from. The truth will set you free!

Tony Myers is the founder of Outside the 4 Walls Ministry. He is the author of The Lord Jesus Healed Me, Journey of an atheist to the Truth, Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing, Divine Healing DIY, Yes You Can, Knocking Food off its Pedestal and Pushing the Boundaries in Christ, Living Supernaturally. His website is

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