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10 Tips to Support Your Immune System

Nothing you can do can make you completely immune to disease and sickness. But here are some things you can do to help reduce the risk.


Condemned or Free: How Will You Live?

Marketing strategies are always telling us we need more in our lives. There's only one thing 'more' that we need, but are we seeking that?

Binge eating junk food

Share Your Plate and Lose the Weight

Did you ever consider taking the money you're spending on junk food and giving it to charity? See how doing so would be a huge blessing for both you and others.

Sick man

3 Infections More Disquieting Than Ebola

Dr. Don Colbert, medical director of the Divine Health Wellness Center in Orlando, Florida, says that Americans should be more leery of these diseases than the Ebola virus.

Weight scale

'Why Can't I Lose Weight?'

Here are three things in your daily pattern that may be hindering not only your ability but your desire to drop unwanted pounds.


Can Heart Failure Be Reversed?

Sunshine Heart Inc. says it can be. Read about the device it has developed to help improve the survival odds of such patients.

Cancer diagnosis

Could It Be Cancer?

In most cases of cancer, there are no symptoms in the early stages. So how can you tell if you should be screened for the disease?

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