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How is your energy level?

3 Steps to Finding More Energy

Here are some tips for your diet that can give you that boost of adrenaline and a great-feeling body you might not have had for a long time.

Food trap

Can You Escape the Food Trap?

When you eat for emotional pickup, it becomes the weight that so easily ensnares you. Find out how you can overcome this pitfall.

Perry Noble

Perry Noble: ‘I’m Fat!’

Like many others, pastor Perry Noble has waged a longtime battle with obesity. Here are five steps he took—and recommends—to battle the problem.

Will you allow Jesus to rescue you out of the depths of depression?

Are You Tired of Feeling Hopeless?

Do you suffer with pain so deep that you can’t even share it with your closest friends? Find out how God can lift you out of the miry pit of depression.

Nuts and grains

6 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

Find out how following these six simple tips can get you on the right path to good health without complicated and confusing rules.

Heidi Luong before, at 200 pounds (left at far right) and after (right) as a CrossFit coach.

No Shortcuts: A Journey From Fat to Fit

Before she became a CrossFit coach, Heidi Luong was diagnosed as obese and pre-diabetic. Find out how she became a 1 Thessalonians 5:23 woman—healthy and fit.

Coach Heidi and Lorena posing before 14.4.

Why You Should Embrace a Physical Challenge

Whether they are spiritual or physical, challenges have the potential to make us stronger individuals. What challenges do you face that you believe will make you stronger in the end?

What lifestyle changes are you making to improve the quality of your life?

Lifestyle Disease: It’s Your Choice

Are you living the abundant life Jesus promised for you? Are you picking up your cross of bad habits and making changes, or simply wallowing in them?

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