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Christmas cookies

How to Bypass Those Holiday Pounds

When you’re attending all of those holiday parties, keep in mind what you’re putting in your mouth. The effects could last years.

Getting a flu shot may not be the best thing for you health-wise.

Should You Get That Flu Shot?

The effectiveness of a flu shot might not be as strong as you think. Find out why Dr. Chauncey Crandall is against getting it.


How to Pray During Your Workouts

Any time of the day is a great time to pray, but find out how beneficial it can be to do so while working out.


Are Your Dishes Making You Sick?

Studies have linked a certain chemical found in certain dishware to a specific health problem. Find out how it may be putting you at risk.

Woman Being Comforted

Forgotten Disease: Finding an Alzheimer's Cure

There's no cure or effective treatment for Alzheimer's—or hope for it in the near future. Find out what scientists say you can do to help prevent getting the disease.


5 Reasons You Should Take a Hike

Walking is used countless times in the Bible to describe our relationship with God. Here are five reasons getting outdoors is good for you, both physically and spiritually.

half eaten cake

Finding Freedom From Emotional Eating

Many people struggle with emotional eating. Find out how Kimberly Taylor says you can be free from turning to food when crisis comes. 


3 Ways to Avoid Fat This Holiday Season

Food is a staple at many gatherings during the holiday season, but here's why you should try to avoid food filled with saturated and trans fats.

Thanksgiving prayer

How Gratitude Is the Key to a Healthier Life

What if Thanksgiving was more than just a holiday? What if we made it a way of life? Find out how showing gratitude is more like exercise than we might expect.

Breakfast Cereal

Why Skipping Breakfast Won't Help You Lose Weight

There are at least four reasons why skipping breakfast in the name of losing weight could backfire on you. Steve Reynolds, also known as the "anti-fat pastor," dishes them out and offers tips for healthy breakfast on the run.

Carol McLeod

Having Joy: How to Defy Depression

Watch Carol McLeod share her testimony about becoming a "defiantly joyful Christian," despite struggling with severe depression.

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