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What That Stubborn Fever Really Means

In more than 30 years of medical practice, Dr. Robert DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor, believes a fever is a sign your body may be lacking something. Find out what it is.

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14 Ways to Stress Less, Live More

Stress is a part of life, but it shouldn't take over your life. Incorporate these 14 stress reducers to live a less hectic lifestyle.

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Why Your Supplements Aren't Working

As wonderful as supplements can be, there is no magic pill to cure all. When supplements don't seem to work, find out what could be the reason. 


How to Motivate Yourself to Get to the Gym

If a lethargic attitude toward fitness frustrates you—even when you are determined to engage in a healthy lifestyle—there might be something missing. Diana Anderson gives us the key to a new enthusiasm for fitness.

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How to Deal With Stress God's Way

Most of us fall into anxiety, worry or anger when we're dealing with everyday stress. But there are two specific spiritual solutions to stress management outlined in Scripture. Find out what they are.


How to Break Your Sugar Addiction Once and for All

A recent study focusing on Oreo cookies showed the addictive power of sugar. Dr. Rhona Epstein shares some of her personal struggles with food addiction and how she eventually overcame the cycle.

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The Secret to Being Fit for Life

The answer to becoming fit for life doesn’t lie in the pages of a best-selling book or a fitness program. But it is yours for the taking.

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Spiritual Danger: Why Christians Shouldn't Practice Yoga

Yoga may seem like an innocent way to get fit, but centuries of spiritual implications lie behind those quirky-named poses. As an alternative, exercise regimens that fuse Scripture meditation with deep stretching are becoming increasingly popular.

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The Key to Ending an Unhealthy Lifestyle

You've promised yourself that you'll make healthier choices. But minor stumble after minor stumble keeps setting you back. There is a key to overcoming the obstacles. Find out what it is.

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The Life-or-Death Health Decision You Must Make

There is a single, critical decision you must make for yourself. Your health could hang in the balance. Find out what is is and how to overcome the obstacles that get in your way.

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The Anti-Fat Pastor: Tempted by Food

There are many unhealthy enticements in life, and some foods rank right up there at the top. Pastor Steve Reynolds says God promises a way of escape from these temptations.

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