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Overweight woman

The Secret Ingredient to Stubborn Weight Loss

You may think you've tried everything to get those extra pounds off. But could it be possible that you lack one important ingredient in the recipe for weight-loss success?

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

How to Smartly Sip the Flavors of Fall

Sugar and spice come at a price. But fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler says there are ways to enjoy the libations associated with the autumn season without feeling guilty.

A woman with rheumatoid arthritis in her hands.

New Super-Nutrient Fights Aging

Read about how astaxanthin, a powerful, natural antioxidant, could be the key to preventing the degenerative diseases involved in aging.

Fruits and Vegetables

Practice Diligence in Your Daily Habits

Find out how taking advantage of your access to God through Jesus Christ will help you reach your wellness potential more quickly, easily and joyfully.

A stedy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is only one way to help prevent cancer.

20 Ways to Fight Cancer

A cure for cancer has yet to be invented, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be prevented. Read these tips on how to lower your risk.

Which one do you think is strengthening their faith?

How to Strengthen Yourself in Faith

Are you simply praying for a blessing, or are you preparing to receive it? Here are some tips on how to receive the blessing of weight loss.

A decent amount of exercise can help you overcome adrenal exhaustion.

How to Re-Energize Your Tired Body

Did you know stress contributes to throwing your hormones and brain out of balance? Discover seven simple steps to overcome adrenal exhaustion.

Salmon is rich in vitamin B.

Study: Vitamin B Lessens Risk of Stroke

A new study rebukes former conclusions that taking vitamin B actually increases the risk of stroke. Find out why those findings have been reversed.

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