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Burger and Fries

How Do You Escape the Food Trap?

When food becomes a substitute for things like love, friendship or success, it’s a slippery slope. Find out why self-control is crucial.

Eating chocolate

The Pitfalls of Eating From Boredom

Certified wellness coach Kimberly Taylor says boredom isn’t much of an excuse for binge eating. Discover what you can do to keep yourself occupied and away from the cupboard.


4 Keys to Confronting an Addict

Many Christians know someone who has a harmful addiction to something. Discover some godly ways to approach those with such a problem.

Exercise body temple

Why You Shouldn’t Forget Your Body Is a Temple

Discover why, when you start practicing temperance, moderation, portion control and self-restraint when it comes to food, that then and only then will you make a real and lasting effect on your health.

Fitness girl

Who Has Time to Exercise?

Between spending time with the Lord, your spouse, your kids and friends, can you find time to keep your body strong?

Fitness instructor

7 Rules of Christian Health

Discover what author and certified wellness coach Kimberly Taylor says are essential guidelines for a healthy body for Christians.

Family playing

Healthy Parents Lead Healthy Families

Discover how empowering it is that you, as a parent, have incredible opportunities to make positive health changes in your kids’ lives.

Man and Bible

Read Your Owner’s Manual

God has put a literal blueprint for your health within the pages of the Bible. Don Verhulst, M.D., explains where to find it.

Happy woman

What is Your Heart Condition?

A merry heart is therapeutic. When we comply with the orders of Jesus—the Great Physician—we will reap the rewards He promised.

High energy foods

Top 10 High-Energy Foods

Discover why asking your body to maintain a busy schedule while eating a poor diet is like asking a car to run the Indianapolis 500 with sugar in the gas tank.

Milk calcium

Bone Up on Your Health

Discover why millions of Americans are susceptible to osteoporosis and why calcium is crucial for our bodies.