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Breakfast may be "just another meal."

Is Breakfast Overrated?

In terms of weight loss, the morning meal may not be as important as some first thought. Here's why.

Roast salmon

Is a Low-Fat Diet Making You Fat?

Find out why not all fats are created equal, and why you could be doing yourself more harm than good by cutting back on some fats in your diet.

Soy mllk

9 Reasons to Say No to Soy

Soy products have become all the rage in culture, but this information may throw up a red flag for you.


How to Fight That Pesky Cellulite

There's a reason why those pockets of fat collect around the thighs. Here are some tips to help you get rid of it.

Church, health, blood pressure

Does Faith in God Really Combat Sickness?

Does praying, Bible study and attending weekly services really have an effect on a person's health? A new study and a miracle-working cardiologist offer answers.

Cancer survivors

Are We Winning the War on Cancer?

The number of cancer survivors in America may surprise you, but the number of projected survivors in the next 10 years is even more encouraging.