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The Secrets to Losing Stubborn Fat

As frustrating as it is for many, there are some steps you can take to help eliminate stubborn fat. Read and find out what they are.


How Volunteering Can Improve Your Health

What would our world be like if every follower of Christ gave of themselves as biblical character Ruth did? Would it be a happier, healthier place?

Pastor Steve Reynolds

You Say You Want to Be Like Jesus?

Considering what we know about Jesus, it is assumed that He was in great physical shape. Doesn’t he want the same for us?

Stretching the Truth About Yoga

Yoga is inescapably spiritual, yet many Christians believe it’s just a harmless stretching technique. A former yoga instructor shares five reasons to avoid this not-so-simple form of calisthenics.

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What’s Hindering Your Weight Loss?

Author David Herzog’s new Charisma House book Jumpstart! reveals many things that can hamper your way to a healthy, stress-free life.

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Get a Jumpstart on a Healthy New Lifestyle

Charisma House author David Herzog lays out a plan to help you regain youthfulness and get a leaner body—which, in itself, can add years to one’s lifespan.

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Study: Thicker Brain Sections Tied to Spirituality

Find out whyparts of the brain’s outer layer, the cortex, were thicker in high-risk study participants who said religion or spirituality was “important” to them versus those who cared less about religion.

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4 Health Dangers of Anger

The Bible says anger itself is not a sin. But, find out what damage it can do to God’s temple, a.k.a., your body.

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