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Omega 3 fish oil capsules

Study: Fish Oil Stops Skin, Mouth Cancers

Find out what researchers have discovered in omega-3 fatty acids that have the potential to be used in both the treatment and prevention of these diseases.

Are you concerned about getting Alzheimer's?

Lifestyle Choices: How to Fight Alzheimer’s

If you or someone you know is battling Alzheimer’s, you know how difficult the situation can be. But did you know the foods you eat can contribute to the disease? Find out how.

Do your thoughts lead you to godly action?

8 Christian Meditations to Conquer Anxiety

Meditating on Jesus is the surefire way to ensure your thoughts are acceptable in God’s sight. Discover some strong tips to bring you peace in this area.

Older younger women

20 Ways to Maintain a Youthful Glow

Some don’t intend to grow old gracefully. Licensed aesthetician Shelly Ballestero reveals some secrets to help you at least look younger.

Germs and bacteria

Top 10 Dirtiest Places in the Home

You may think your home is spotless, but even the cleanest homes can have billions of germs. Find out where they are hiding.

Is that hunger or your appetite?

How to Take God’s Appetite Suppressant

Have you given yourself away to God rather than your appetite? Find out how you can experience increased peace and joy in your life and the blessing that comes from right thinking and right living.

Juicing stuff

Raise a Glass to Your Destiny

Discover how to avoid becoming one of God’s army who is simply lying on the battlefield, down due to chronic diseases.

Steve Reynolds, the 'anti-fat pastor.'

Pastor, What’s On the Plate You're Passing?

Pastor Steve Reynolds—the "anti-fat pastor"—says the reason so many Christians are overweight is because so many pastors are overweight and have neglected this portion of the Word of God.


See Red and Lose Weight

Find out how eating tomatoes will not only help you shed pounds, but also reduce the risk of some potentially fatal diseases.