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Vigorous exercise

Vigorous Exercise Beats Down Stress

A new study published in the Public Library of Science showed that 14 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a day can be protective.

HIV virus study

HIV Linked to Higher Chance of Heart Attack

A new study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine revealed that people infected with HIV are significantly more susceptible to heart attack.

Fast food burger

CDC: American Kids Still Consuming Too Much Fat

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that adults in the United States have cut down on their calories from fast food. U.S. children, however, have not followed suit.

Mixed nuts

Healthy Eating: Simpler Than You Think

Our goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. Why is it as difficult for us to figure out how to eat healthier meals as it is to find the time to exercise.

Pregnant woman IVF

Study: IVF Not Linked to Cancer

Women who have had in vitro fertilization can be assured that the procedure does not increase their risk of breast or ovarian cancer.

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