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Fatigue and pain

Making the Fatigue-Weight Gain Connection

Did you know that the constant rise and fall of your blood sugar along with the spikes in your stress hormones keep your metabolism from functioning the way it is supposed to? Here’s how to keep that from happening.

Fresh fruits

Healthy Fruits Can Make You Fat

Eating fresh fruits may help you stay away from sugary snacks. But did you know that too much of it can counteract your efforts to lose weight?

Woman in prayer

When Prayer Feels Like a Workout

Do you ever feel unmotivated to pray, even when you’ve promised someone you would? Here’s a challenge to continually pray for others.

Stress overload

5 Ways Fear Threatens Your Health

Were you aware that the stress of fear in your life could create severe health problems for you? Read and find out what those are.

Jesus Last Supper

Manna or Doritos?

There are many instances in the Bible that associate Jesus and food. But do you think He would have ever been seen munching on a Snickers?

Workout routine

Fitness Program: What’s Right for You?

Buying a good pair of tennis shoes, joining a gym and taking a class are all great steps, but are you considering all the variables that go into designing a health and fitness program?


How Hidden Sugar Slowly Kills

Americans are ingesting more sugar than they think. Find out what surprising types of foods include it.

Kimberly Taylor

What Makes You Mad?

What is it that grieves you or angers you so much that you are moved to do something about it?

Are you honoring God with your body?

How to Get Unstuck in Your Fitness

Have you surrendered your body to God? Find out what it takes from the anti-fat pastor and author of Bod4God, Steve Reynolds.

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