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Stresss headache

Don Colbert: Beat Down Stress With The Word

Stress is the most powerful contributor to migraine headaches. God’s Word is the most powerful weapon against them, and a few other health tips can’t hurt.

Fitness labor

Staying Faithful in Fitness Reaps Sweet Rewards

When we strive to honor God by working willingly and wholeheartedly at everything we do, the fruit we’ll receive will be sweet and full of life-giving nourishment for our mind, body and soul.

Blonde girl exercising

Take Fitness One Small Step at a Time

Although it became big years ago, Step Aerobics is still a great workout within itself or a great addition to your regular routine.

Woman listening

Listen to the Spirit About Your Body

Dr. Michael Berglund suggests people should stay in tune with the Holy Spirit to become an expert on their bodies and their health.

Woman jumping free

Put Some Spring in Your Step

To ensure a boost of energy in your body, you must choose to make changes and then put feet to your decision and do it.

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