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Exercise is even more important past the age of 50.

6 Myths About Fitness After 50

Find out why experts say there is no medical reason for people slow down physically after hitting the big “five-oh.”

Are you allowing God to set you free from life's burdens?

How to Lay Aside the Weight

How can you experience freedom from the issues with your body that are weighing you down? Find out how to get started with biblical principles.

Baby carrots

Cholesterol: Protect Your Heart From ‘Torpedoes’

If your cholesterol has reached 200, taking a "lowering" medication isn’t necessarily the best thing for you. Find out what foods you can eat—and cut out of your diet—to lower the number.

Stomach pain

5 Signs You May Have Cancer

Catching cancer as early as possible is the key to survival. Here’s some symptoms to look for.

Girl eating pizza

How to Lose the Hunger

Did you know the more calories you eat, the hungrier you become? Find out why this strange paradox is true.

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