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Stress relief

How to Relax in the Lord

Discover how to enjoy God’s pathway to life and health by learning to relax according to His holy Word

On a diet

Weight Loss Tip: One Bite Less

It doesn’t take much for the extra daily calories to catch up with you. Read about how surprisingly little it takes over a period of time.

Happy Healthy Family

3 Steps to a Healthy Family

Find out from certified physical fitness specialist Linda Goldfarb how your family can work its way toward better health and happiness.

Fruit juice

Children Can Enjoy ‘Juicing’ Too

Getting children to eat fruit is sometimes a fruitless task. Read about how you can get your kids the vitamins they need in an alternative form.

reading brain sharp

9 Key Strategies to Save Your Brain

One of the biggest falsehoods individuals may hear is that growing old has to lead to deterioration of mental ability. Here are some great tips, supplements and neural exercises to keep your brain and memory sharp.

Burger and Fries

How Do You Escape the Food Trap?

When food becomes a substitute for things like love, friendship or success, it’s a slippery slope. Find out why self-control is crucial.

Eating chocolate

The Pitfalls of Eating From Boredom

Certified wellness coach Kimberly Taylor says boredom isn’t much of an excuse for binge eating. Discover what you can do to keep yourself occupied and away from the cupboard.


4 Keys to Confronting an Addict

Many Christians know someone who has a harmful addiction to something. Discover some godly ways to approach those with such a problem.

Exercise body temple

Why You Shouldn’t Forget Your Body Is a Temple

Discover why, when you start practicing temperance, moderation, portion control and self-restraint when it comes to food, that then and only then will you make a real and lasting effect on your health.

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