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Detox drink

12 Benefits of Detoxing the Body

As long as you use common sense, adapt the detox diet to your personal goals and stay dedicated, there can be many health rewards in detoxification.

Kim Dolan Leto

WATCH: 10 Steps to Get F.I.T. God's Way

In this video, fitness model Kim Dolan Leto talks about how she went from her overweight 30s to the cover of top fitness magazines in her 40s.

Doctors and nutritionists are amping up the war on sugar.

5 Ways to Kick Sugar Addiction

Sugar has become public health enemy No. 1, and doctors and nutritionists are declaring war. Here's how you can kick the habit.

Kitchen sink

6 Big Myths About Germs

We all want to keep our surroundings as clean as possible to reduce our risk of exposure to disease-carrying germs, but are we taking it too far?

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