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Instead of drinking soda that can hurt your digestive system, it is recommended to take probiotics.

Are Probiotics a Smart Choice?

The bad news is that a staggering 85 percent of our health problems originate in our gut. But here's the good news.

Stroke victims may have renewed hope.

Studies Show New Promise for Stroke Victims

Two trials published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine support the use of a stent Thrombectomy device to reduce disability from stroke. Here's how it works.

Raw juices contain biophotons, which will make your body healthier.

This Element in Foods Is Almost Miraculous

Ingesting these nutrients is kind of like getting a software download or having a computer technician take over your computer remotely to fix things you can't begin to correct.


What Is Obesity Costing You?

From a dollar amount to the intangibles, a prominent physician says your condition is a ubiquitous factor in your life.

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