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When the "Happiest Time of the Year" Feels Like Anything But

Joy doesn't come easily for everyone at Christmastime. If this season brings more pain than pleasure, here's a timely reminder—via one woman's remarkable journey—of the redemption Christ offers to every hurting soul.

Christmas presents

What Does God Want This Christmas?

While checking off wishlists for your loved ones this Christmas, don't forget about the one who gave us the greatest gift of all.

Glenn Packiam

Discover the True Purpose of the Advent Season

Many of us are celebrating the Advent season as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. But do you know why the principles of Advent are applicable in a bigger, more powerful way?


The King is Born

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Billy Graham reminds us of the majesty of His coming on the earth.

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A Simpler Christmas

Christmas became an overblown production in Linda Mintle's home. Here's what she and her decided about presents to make Christmas focus on Jesus for their children.

Mary and Jesus

The Stigma of Jesus' Virgin Birth

Atheists scoff at the idea. Liberal theologians deny it. But the miraculous birth of Jesus is one of the surest proofs of His divinity.

Biblical Symbolism Behind the 4th of July

On this July 4th, let us unite together in prayer that God will heal our land by sending another "Great Awakening," not only taking us back to our roots, but taking us deeper than ever into a culture that is both God-honoring and Bible-based.


Model Gives Thanks Despite Airplane Accident

Model Lauren "Lolo" Scruggs lost her eye and hand in an airplane accident. This thanksgiving she is thankful for her redefined understanding of true beauty. Read her touching story. 

Thank God for Halloween

A former Satanist explains the origins of Halloween and discusses how Christians can enjoy the holiday, despite the superstitions and stigma surrounding it.


From Death to Life

Easter took on an entirely new meaning after the sudden death of my 25-year-old son.

Six of us piled into our Suburban early on Easter morning. We were silent. I felt empty.

After what seemed like a long road trip, we finally arrived at the local cemetery where the body of my 25-year-old son, Nathan, was buried. He had unexpectedly died in a rock-climbing fall, just one day after we buried my husband’s father.

We slowly made the dreaded walk to Nathan’s grave. A year earlier, no one would have ever thought that this would be our first activity on our next Easter.

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