7 Ways to Honor Your Father

Older father and son

You may remember the story of Butch O’Hare, the military hero we featured a few months ago.  Well, several of our subscribers pointed us to who Butch’s father was—Edward J. “Eddie” O’Hare.

Eddie was a lawyer who worked with Al Capone. Details to the extent of this relationship are uncertain. In 1930, Eddie began working with the IRS to help convict Capone of tax evasion, which led to Capone’s sentence to Alcatraz in 1933. Some 10 days before Capone was to be released in 1939, Eddie was gunned down by Capone’s men.

Eddie gave up his life for his principles. Butch, in turn, gave up his life not only for his principles, but for the sake of his country. We can’t think of a better way to honor your father than by living (and dying) for what’s right. 

Consider the following seven ways to honor your father:

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1. Learn your dad’s story. Get a digital recorder and interview your dad. This involves distraction-free listening. Learn what made/makes him tick. If he’s passed away, then do the research.

2. Live out your dad’s values. Does/did your dad value hard work? Then live that value out loud. Does/did your dad earn respect as a fair businessman? Make fairness your motto. Does/did your dad support ministry to the homeless? Throw your weight into the cause too.

3. Spend quality time with your dad on a regular basis. Honor your dad with the gift of your time. Demonstrate how much you care by literally being there. Visit often, treat him with respect, and don’t be afraid to tell him you love him.

4. Love and respect your family. Let your dad know how much he means to you by treating your mother with respect. Demonstrate care to your entire family—brothers and sisters too. When your dad sees how deeply you honor your family, his deepest love, you are honoring him.

5. Build/give/name something in his memory. Name a child after your dad. Establish a scholarship your dad would support in his name. Send money to his favorite cause and then write him a letter explaining why. Give your wife flowers and then call your dad to tell him you did it because he taught you to be a better man.

6. Acknowledge your dad in your own achievements. Maybe you are being honored or recognized at work, church, or in the community. Invite your dad and then share something you learned from him in your talk. Or, if you’re interviewed, make sure the reporter mentions your dad in the story.

7. Ask your dad for advice. Show your dad how much his wisdom means to you by calling him and asking for counsel. Finances, parenting, work, community, faith. Don’t call to whine and complain, but ask him as a serious resource reference. Tell him you’re asking because you respect him so much.

Additional Resource: A Father's Legacy

We would love to hear about the ways you honor your father. Please share them with us below.

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