How Men Can Avoid the Enemy's Life Traps

Men and pitfalls
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The soon-to-be-released volume 3 of 33: The Series, called A Man and His Traps (July 1), covers brand-new ground and introduces some new tools that every guy needs in his arsenal as he pursues authentic manhood.

Guys, too many of us are trapped in a life that will never satisfy. We are chasing things that promise to bring us fulfillment but that never really deliver. We find ourselves pursuing things that ultimately let us down.

Some of these things can even be otherwise good things—things like money, recreation, career, food, drink, games, hobbies, cars, trips, etc. But, these things were never designed to be our ultimate sources of meaning and happiness. So, ultimately, they can’t be.

Part of the problem is that too many of us don’t really understand what is going on beneath the surface—the deep desires of our hearts. Sometimes we don’t even really understand what is driving them. Here’s the deal. These deep desires can easily become our idols, causing us to turn “good” things into “god” things. We hope they will give our lives meaning, but ultimately they leave us empty and confused.

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Even when these idols don’t deliver, we can still be stuck and continue to chase them with some hope that they’ll finally come through. We may really not know exactly where else to turn. When that happens, it’s easy to begin hiding behind a mask and at least pretend that we have it all figured out—a mask that looks like who we think we should be and not who we really are.

33: A Man and His Traps helps men stare these idols and temptations in the face. It gives us a vision for something better, something real and lasting. And like all things 33, it’s practical. It begins by providing a clear framework that helps us understand what is going on below the surface, in our hearts—what’s driving us. It moves us beyond mere behavior modification and, instead, helps us clearly identify the particular desires that are rumbling around in our hearts. It helps us to identify the desires that are causing us to chase these dead ends as our sources of happiness. The framework provides real clarity for every man to better understand what his particular deep desires are.

If you’re like me, I think you’ll be surprised to learn some new things about yourself. Being immersed in the creation of this material and applying it to my own life has shed new light on some things that have been revealed to me as idols in my heart. One thing in particular that has become so much clearer for me is my need for significance—to be important, to matter. 

As I’ve processed through this volume, I can see the idol of significance rear its ugly head in different areas, like through my kids, my accomplishments and my involvement with certain things. As I’ve been challenged to go deep and be honest, I can see how I’ve hidden it pretty well from others and even myself. This material has helped me identify it and to pursue the freedom that comes from being honest about it with other guys, and even myself.

The good news for me, and for every man who experiences this volume, is that after doing the work of identifying what we’re struggling with and moving to a place of honesty, we introduce a biblical battle plan that helps us fight our battle with idolatry.  The battle plan gives us a clear vision of how we can replace our idols with something better, something truly fulfilling and real. It all begins with God’s grace and is centered around His gospel, the truth that He’s given it all up for us, the truth that His way is the better way.

A Man and His Traps teaches how His truth can change us and empower us to live lives of passion and purpose. It lays all of that out for you so you can apply the battle plan to any of your particular idols and replace them with God’s best.

The material even gets specific with certain idols that most of us have to fight—things like control, success, sexual lust, money, fear of man issues, the need to please others and the idol of comfort. We give you an arsenal of ammunition that will help you apply God’s truth to these particular issues. And if you will receive it and believe it and make it part of you, it will change you and help you move toward replacing your idols with God’s better promises.

I can’t wait for every man to experience this volume of 33. I promise that it will encourage you and equip you in your journey toward authentic manhood. It’s definitely a journey, and we can’t do it alone. Get a group of guys and experience A Man and His Traps together. You’ll never be the same!

Watch a trailer for 33: A Man and His Traps here.

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Steve Snider is the founder of Fellowship Associates and Authentic Manhood, which is designed to inspire and equip men to live lives of truth, passion and purpose. He loves to see men come alive and chase God’s better things with their lives. Steve serves on the boards of Fellowship Bible Church and Pulaski Academy College Prep School.

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