Our World Is Desperate for This Divine Deposit Hiding in Every Christian Man

Many men take an apocalyptic approach, hiding in a figurative bunker from their problems. (Pixabay)

At FivestarMan, we speak to the five categorized purposes defined in the Hebrew word for the masculine male, which is iysh. One of the purposes of a man's heart is the entrepreneurial drive. This divine deposit is especially needed in the times that we are living, a time when the world economies are on edge. I am reminded of the men of Issachar, 200 leaders who understood the times and clearly knew what their duty was. These men led their families through difficult seasons.

As men, we have the responsibility and duty to know the times and be prepared to lead our families through difficulty. To know the times means that we are a student of history and a discerner of the future. Although we may not know the exact time and date of future events, we certainly can see the signs of the seasons and changing culture.

Our response could be apocalyptic. Thinking that a bunker or a cave is our only option we could stockpile weapons and canned food. We could find seclusion from society and hide. However, this isn't a practical option or even a good suggestion.

Times like these are not for hiding and hoarding. It's time for courageous men to leave their man caves and stop playing fantasy games while others are bent on changing the world to fit their warped reality.

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It's a time to get serious about drawing upon and sharpening our entrepreneurial drive.

Did you know that God placed within you the ability to determine your own economy so that you are fully supplied and satisfied? It's true. I call it entrepreneurial economics.

A Brief History of Entrepreneurs

The word entrepreneur has a French origin which means, "to undertake; to apprehend, to take hold of." It was first used to describe someone without a master's certificate. Master's certificates were awarded to apprentices who worked and studied under a master craftsman.

Historically, an entrepreneur wasn't considered a professional. A professional is considered to be an expert— someone who has prepared and qualified himself to be engaged in a commercial activity.

So entrepreneurs were known as those who started a business without professional certificates or established training.

Today, that still holds true in many ways. An entrepreneur is someone with a strategic idea who has a high-risk mentality and the willingness to work relentlessly to turn that idea into reality.

Rather than relying upon a certificate of training or becoming specialized in a particular skill set, the entrepreneur believes he personally has the ability to produce and therefore is willing to take a calculated risk for the anticipation of reward.

An entrepreneur is also a person who can delay gratification for a much bigger gain later. Entrepreneurs anticipate and are convinced that their future is worth the pain and risk of the moment. They're willing to work long, hard hours to achieve the success they have imagined. They make sacrifices that others are either too fearful or too lazy to make to achieve their dreams.

"If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else." —Dave Ramsey

What Is Entrepreneurial Economics?

I use the term entrepreneurial economics to describe the deposit that God has placed within a man, giving that man mastery over his own economy. In other words, man is the economy.

You have intellectual property that is a commodity of exchange. It may be a skill, an idea, a craft, knowledge, wisdom, witty-invention or even manual labor. Solomon said, "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men" (Prov. 18:16).

I wrote a book entitled God's Currency that teaches how the entrepreneurial drive works. The premise is that God's currency is primarily wisdom. Wisdom is the principle thing. When we ask God to pour out a blessing, He gives us His very best—which is wisdom. If anyone asks for wisdom, God generously gives it to him or her.

The exchange is made when the one who has received wisdom from God is approached by someone who hasn't received wisdom in that particular area and they make an exchange—trading man's currency for the currency God placed within a man.

The entrepreneurial drive draws upon the gift that distinguishes us with a special talent, skill, ability, or knowledge. The gift works as a commodity for exchange. As we develop it, men will gladly exchange money for what we know, have, or can do.

For some, their ability or skill is minimally exchanged, typically in an hourly wage or a labor wage. For others, their skill is specialized enough to demand a higher premium of exchange. Still others have the ability to produce extraordinary results that demand bonuses, commissions, royalties and more. We don't pay our doctors the same as those who flip hamburgers. The skill set is very different.

Interestingly, I don't believe an entrepreneur is strictly someone who is self-employed and owns his or her own business. An entrepreneur can also be employed by another person. An entrepreneur is a person who understands and draws upon the divine deposit regardless of whether or not he is using it for himself or in the employment of another person. Everyone is entrepreneurial if they realize their gift from God.

An entrepreneur draws upon the divine deposit within — a gift better than silver or gold.

An entrepreneur:

  • Isn't flippant with their finances, nor do they take uncalculated risks.
  • Is a thoughtful and discerning financial futurist.
  • Sees where culture is heading and takes the lead with creative ideas to meet the needs of the future.
  • Is more agile in their decision-making than large corporations.
  • Is a capitalist in the truest form—willing to invest capital for an expected return.

America is blessed with an economic system that embraces the fundamental rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Often, these rights are best exemplified by the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs who start and run small businesses employ the majority of workers in America. Entrepreneurs drive the United States' economy. Entrepreneurs are making it happen.

Tap Into the Secret Wisdom

God has placed a gift within you. It is awaiting your discovery and will lay untapped and unfulfilled until you connect to the source of that supply. The apostle Paul described this gift as a "secret wisdom."

"For who knows a person's thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him?" (1 Cor. 2:11, ESV).

This secret isn't hidden from you, it is hidden for you. It isn't something to be copied by what you've seen or heard. It's not something to be schemed in your mind. The entrepreneurial economy is within you, a gift that when discovered, sharpened and released is a greater commodity than anything housed within the earth—better than silver or gold.

Entrepreneurial economics isn't limited to only the minerals and resources of the earth; rather, it is measured by the unlimited ability and resources that are deposited within mankind. Thus, the value of man becomes a priceless commodity. Again, man is the economy.

Entrepreneurial economics is more than being able to simply make a living, it goes beyond living paycheck to paycheck.  Entrepreneurial economics is the ability to personally draw upon a commodity of exchange so that you can meet the needs of your life, grant the desires of your family and finance your purpose.

Ask God to grant you wisdom. Ask God to grant you the desires of your heart. Ask God to open your eyes to the secret wisdom He has placed on deposit within your soul and spirit.

FivestarMan was founded in 2008 by Neil KennedyKennedy has passionately promoted God's Word for 25-plus years of ministry. He is known for practically applying biblical principles that elevate people to a new level of living. As a business, church, ministry and life consultant, Kennedy has helped others strategize the necessary steps to reach their full potential.

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