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Teen girl and father

7 Mistakes You Should Let Your Teens Make

It’s tough to know at what point you ought to step away and let your teenager make decisions that may have painful consequences. Find out why a little bit of pain can be a good teacher.

College debt

5 Ways to Limit College Debt

Obviously, you don’t want your kids to start out life in debt, and college costs are a big contributor. Find out how you can shrink those financial burdens.

How do you bring happiness into your wife's life?

How Do You Know When Your Wife Is Happy?

Men, your wife's happiness should be one of the utmost priorities in your marriage. Since actions speak louder than words, here are some surefire ways to make her feel loved.

Everyday father

10 Ways to Be a More Involved Dad

Find out how regular hands-on investments make a difference in helping your children avoid risky and foolish behaviors.

Family man

Are You an Authentic Man?

The foundation of manhood is being redefined. What can we, as believing men of God, do to reverse the trend?

Essential tools

5 Essential Tools for Your Christian Walk

What weapons do you have in your arsenal to help you in your daily relationship with the Lord? Find out what crucial elements you may be missing.

Man and woman

Dating for a Godly Man: 4 Keys to Success

While not many dating techniques can be found in the Bible, find out what principles God’s Word does set down for the process of choosing a mate.

Fearful man

Are You a Fearless Christian?

Fear is a real emotion, and it makes us ineffective. Find out why we don’t have to listen to the enemy—the master of lies.

Afraid to speak

5 Ways to Filter What You Say

Do you ask the Holy Spirit every day to guard your tongue? Do you speak good things into people’s lives?

Confident young man

Stop Being a Spiritual Sissy!

In an excerpt from his book, “MAN UP! Becoming a Godly Man in an Ungodly World,” author Jody Burkeen urges Christian men to add some muscle to their spiritual life.

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