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Bible reading

7 Tips to Develop Your Bible Reading

With so many distractions in our world, it can be difficult to find time to study the word of God. Here are seven tips to help you effectively study the Bible.

Mother and daughter

Leading Your Children to God Takes Heart Work

God wants children to experience His power—but parents and ministers sometimes don't know how to lead youngsters into a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit. Here are some guidelines.
Hands raised in prayer

How to Obtain Extraordinary Power from Prayer!

You can live a life of extraordinary, supernatural power! The secret is actually quite simple. God's power is obtained through a lifestyle of intimacy with Him.  Jesus understood the connection between power and intimacy.

Jermaine Hamwright

G.O.L.F. Into Your Purpose

Never let your perceived flaws stop you from going after your dreams, your goals or your aspirations

End Times Man Confused

Are These the End Times?

We cannot know for sure whether we’re close to Christ’s return. But, we do need to be prepared.

Confident Leader

Stand Up and Become a Leader

Because of the perilous times we live in, leadership is urgently needed from godly men. Don’t wait for someone to “ordain” you for that position.


Pastor Preaching

Remember to Pray for Your Pastors

Pastors can provide a great deal of spiritual guidance for members of their flock. But members of men’s ministry need to remember that pastors need prayer, too.

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