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Upset man

Seek Help for Your Wounded Soul

No matter what you have done to your life or how you have failed, there is hope for you. God can take any man who is broken and make him whole again.

Happy family man

Fatherhood: The Pressures Can Be Crippling

Fathers need to understand that they will fail their children because they are not perfect. Don’t try to be perfect. You'll only frustrate yourself and withdraw.

Patrick Morley

Patrick Morley: Is Christianity For You?

It doesn’t make sense to reject something you’ve never tried. In the same way, it wouldn’t be fair to reject Christianity because you never tried it.

Kenny Luck

Kenny Luck: God Simply Takes Us

Read the third in a series called One Life, as Kenny Luck discusses the urgency that comes from having only one life to live.


Stay at Home Dads: Cherish the Moment

Daily life had pulled an unexpected turn at the Wong household. Like an increasing number of men, I found myself, unexpectedly, without a job.

Father Son

Gregory Dickow: Healing the Father Fracture

Every one of the problems in your life—weaknesses, shortcomings, personality flaws, emotional conflict—all stem from what Gregory Dickow calls a “father fracture.”

Man woman and baby

Real Men Shun Abortion Idea

When the majority of men are providers and protectors, abortion will likely become increasingly rare.

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