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Overwhelmed man

How Are Men Doing in This Day and Age?

As America staggers beneath the load of a hundred major problems like divorce, fatherlessness, poverty, pornography, adultery, abortion, disrespect for authority, ethical failures and truancy—where have the men gone?

Father and Daughter

Stop Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Discover how children’s ministry director Gina McClain and her husband have steered their children away from the subject of sex and toward the subject of purity.

Successful man

7 Habits of Effective Men

Effective men get the job done. Discover what characteristics are needed to be one.

man at computer

What Is the Biggest Problem Christian Men Face?

Christian men struggling with sexual sin in the church is a subject too important to ignore. Once men know the truth about hell’s master plan, they will find boldness in talking about it.

I'm Batman

Where Are Our Champions?

Read what Every Man Ministries’ Kenny Luck says happens when men have inner security, inner stability and inner maturity.

Fat men eat much

Why Do Men Overeat?

Discover five reasons why men eat too much. Some may surprise you.

NYC firefighters on Sept. 11, 2001

How to Become a ‘Man Alive’

Men, don’t be someone who is willing to settle for spiritual mediocrity. Discover how you can be someone who isn’t willing to settle for anything less than becoming fully alive.

Men and pitfalls

How Men Can Avoid the Enemy's Life Traps

Too many men are trapped in lives that will never satisfy them. Discover how Authentic Manhood helps you to identify those pitfalls and overcome them.

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