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Moonlight water

5 Great Dates for Under $25

The family budget may not stretch as far as it used to. Here are some good ways to cut the cost and keep the romance alive in your marriage.

Father praying with children

The Key to a Close-Knit Family

It’s an age-old idea, but it’s a proven one. Find out what you can do to build that desired strong bond with your wife and children.

Gift card

The Unopened Gift (Part 1)

In the first of a two-part series, author and certified financial planner Guy Hatcher takes a look at godly gifts that sometimes are never used.

Husband and wife

6 Life Hacks for Husbands

Are you a problem-solver? Which of these clever tips would be most useful for you?

Do you let your anger control you, or do you diffuse it?

How to Diffuse Emotional Bombs

Do you or someone you know have an issue with anger at times? Here are some tips on how to keep it under control.

Fathers and kids

What Do Your Kids Want to Learn From You?

There is no doubt that you’ve taught your children many valuable lessons as they’ve grown up. But what is it they still want to know before they leave home?

How is your online demeanor?

12 Ways for Christians to Become Less Mean

Some Christians’ demeanor online has proven to be less than Christlike, and it hurts our witness. Find out what you can do to improve your behavior in cyberspace and in general.

Man sin

Jody Burkeen: Do You Fear Sin?

Are you so scared of sin that you avoid it? Here are a couple of ways to put away a particular sin in your life.

Men's ministry

Good News: Men’s Ministry Can Work

If we want guys to get to know each other and Jesus, then it’s time to catch up to them. Find out how you can create avenues where men can just be real and get to know each other.