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Do you spend time with your daughter and affirm your love for her?

Dads, Guard Your Princesses

If you don’t shower your daughter with love and attention, then someone you may not want to will. Here are some things you can do to affirm your little girl.

Kenny Luck

Helping the Unmarried Man

Find out how a clear vision of the faithful Creator combined with purposeful service and ministry for Him provides meaning, connection and intimacy.

Do you apply what you hear from God's Word?

Are You a Hearer Only or a Doer?

As a believer, do you put into practice what you hear and read, or do you simply ignore it and go about your merry way?

Bears' fan

Idolatry: What or Who Do You Worship?

Can you honestly say God is more important that your favorite sports team or your golf outings with your buddies? Where does your time go?

Father scolding son

Never Discipline Whom You’ve Not Discipled

Chastising a child for doing something before teaching them it is wrong is not only counterproductive, but backwards thinking. Find out why discipleship is crucial.

Are you allowing anything to hold you back from achieving your goals?

5 Ways a Man Can Build Resolution

What resolutions are holding you back? What are some areas at your work and in your marriage or family that need attention?

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