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The Supernatural Power of Agreement

Walking in unity with others paves the way for the miraculous. Are you ready to tap into the supernatural secret of agreement?

Jack and Anna Hayford

Jack and Anna Hayford Reveal Secret to 60-Year Marriage

This month respected pastor Jack Hayford celebrates three remarkable milestones in one: 80 years of life, 60 years of ministry and 60 years of marriage. Find out how he and his wife, Anna, have been able to walk such a path of integrity and honor for so long--and how you can too.

Healing from betrayal

How to Heal When Someone Betrays You

Has someone's betrayal in the past defined who you are today? Watch Randy Valimont, author of Betrayed, explain how you can heal and move on.

Is there such a thing as sacred sex?

Can Christians Be Sexual Without Being Sexually Active?

Watch Shannon Ethridge, author of The Passion Principles and the Every Woman's Battle series, explain why God made you a sexual being—and how to embrace His divine purpose for this, whether you're single or married.

The Secret to Holy Sexuality

Many married Christians struggle to see how holiness and sex can be used in the same sentence. Whether from past abuse, addictions or faulty mindsets, we have a hard time believing our Creator is a part of the bedroom too. It's time to discover the truth about God and sex.

Single Women, You Were Made for More Than a Ring

In a couples-oriented culture, Christian singles can often get stuck in "the waiting zone." Yet whether we're single, engaged, married or widowed, God has called us to active living. Here's how.

7 Honest Questions You Need to Ask About Your Marriage

Marriage takes work, yet most couples invest more energy maintaining a car than they do the most important earthly relationship they have. However much time you've spent improving your marriage, here are seven check-up points to keep it thriving.


How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

Linda S. Mintle, a licensed Christian therapist, offers helpful advice for safeguarding your relationship from a breakup.


8 Truths About Male Authority

Being real men is not just about gender; it is about spiritual maturity in all areas of life. Therefore, manhood is about our calling and not about any competition with women. Here are 8 truths about male authority. 

laughing happy couple

Sow Kindness in Your Marriage

An offer to help, a smile and a kind word will reduce the heat of everyday responsibilities. Here's how to sow peace into your marriage. 

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