A Lesson on Trusting God From a Horse

Michelle Mangold
Michelle Mangold (Michelle Mangold)

One day I was at the stream drawing water for my horses. I had in my care nine horses, some I owned, some I leased. They were kept behind our church so that I could do horse ministry and so that the church members could enjoy the view of seeing horses behind the church. It also allowed me to have the ability to own so many because of the low overhead cost.

It was January 2005 and we needed money. As I was getting water for nine horses in the coldest month of the year in Michigan, I said, “Lord we need a financial miracle now!” He said,”Sell Reggie.” Reggie was an Arabian gelding that I had purchased as a colt. He was the second horse I had raised from a baby. I could not believe what I was hearing, but I agreed. Then I said, ”How much?” He said, “$1,500.” I agreed again.

Instantly I felt a burden lift off my shoulders. I wrote an ad, called the newspaper and prayed someone would buy him. This was so unlike me. I never sold any of my horses, I gave them away! Reggie was specifically purchased to be my next horse.  All the other horses were used by other people.

Two weeks had passed and no one bought Reggie. One person called but did not like the price. I contemplated an auction and then I got mad. I thought I did what He told me to do and the horse had not sold. Could I have missed God? What was going on? I knew I heard Him.

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That next day when I went to water the horses, I looked up to heaven and said, “Well, if you want me to sell Reggie, you're going to have to do it because I spent all the money I had to advertise, and no one even came to look at him.” I felt God kind of laughing. I, however, was not laughing.

The next time I was watering the horses, a woman showed up, someone I had never met before. She explained who she was and then asked me if she could help me feed the horses. I explained who I was and said, “Sure.” She was such a unique person. I told her of my financial dilemma, and asked her if she knew anyone who wanted to buy a small gray Arabian. She said she had some connections. Later that evening she would let me know what she had found out. 

When she called me that night she explained that she called everyone, but no one seemed interested. In our defense, no one usually buys a horse in January. I thanked her and decided to dig into the word of God and build my faith. He had to come through for me. He does not lie. I must be missing something somewhere!

The next day while watching a Kenneth Copeland TV program about God answering prayer during a time of drought, my faith began to rise. As soon as the show ended, the phone rang. It was my friend! She said, ”Hi Michelle, are you sitting down?” I said, with a smile on my face, ready to jump through my skin, ‘No I am standing up.” She said, ” “You need to sit down.” I said, ”I am fine. I can handle whatever you tell me.”  She said, “You’re not going to believe this.” I said,” Yes I am!” 

She said, “Someone came in off the street today at the barn where I work. Do you know why they stopped in?” “No why?”, I asked. “She was looking for a place to board a horse that she does not own yet.” I said, “O.K.?”  “She is looking to buy a horse and do you know what kind of horse she is looking for? A horse like your horse! She is in my car with me right now and we are on our way to come and pick you up to look at Reggie! Can we look at him right now?”

As I started jumping up and down, I said, ”Yes!”  I knew the minute that she called that Reggie was sold! Every word that came from the buyer’s mouth God had told me. One of the things I had not mentioned was that all the horses I owned or leased were used for horse ministry. It was in my heart to do horse ministry and I had actually prayed that Reggie would be used for horse ministry years ago. One of the first things that came out of her mouth was, ”I am looking for a horse to do horse ministry.” When I told her the price, she said, “That was the amount I had thought about spending.”

I could go on about all the details, but I think you get the point. The greatest thing that I learned with this life lesson was that Jesus wants us to totally rely on Him. It was not good enough that I agreed to sell my future horse, He wanted to show me how to go about doing it. The minute I totally surrendered my will to His, all the pieces came together. Personally I kind of think He is a show-off. But even if I am wrong, He is the most awesome, faithful, honest, pure friend I have ever had.

I pray that you will be encouraged by this to TRUST JESUS! His plans for your life are greater than anything you could ever come up with. When we allow Him to tell us what to do, we truly live the greatest adventure there is, a life worth living and writing about! 

Michelle Mangold is a blogger, business owner, mom of three kids and horse enthusiast. 

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