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Make a resolution to break your addiction to food. (Charisma archives)

We play at weight loss, kind of like a game. Can I eat this and not gain weight? So we get on the scale the next morning and we haven't gained an ounce. So we keep eating and eating. In a week we step on the scale again and find our game has caught up with us. We lost the game and added lots of extra pounds in the process with no way to get rid of the fat.

We are now captives to our own game and we don't know how to stop. We are stuck in a rut we made for ourselves. We always know where a rut will take us. Sometimes such as a shortcut across a beautiful yard, it seems like the quickest destination. However, if we get stopped by a security guard it can take us much longer.

Ruts begin to define us. We stay in them because they have become comfortable. However, if we wish to change ourselves into better, more environmentally conscious individuals, we are going to have to reprogram our brains to not take the rutted shortcut that seems the easy way out. We have to change our minds.

Changing your mind can be challenging, but just like that brain teaser puzzle you got for Christmas, it can be fun to figure out. You can play a game with yourself to convince and change your mind.

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Maybe you want to lose weight for the new year, but you love sweets. So you challenge yourself and say, "You can have one sweet thing this week." And every day you make a choice. Will this be the day I eat my treat?

You decide to wait and you put it off as long as you can. You convince yourself it's not worth wasting your one moment of treat on this particular item. And before you know it, you've gone weeks without it and you realize, this is not that hard. This works for some, yet it's still a game that can have reverse consequences.

For me, I have to completely change my mind. I have to say no to all processed sugar. I say yes to fruit and no to processed sugar. That's the game I play with myself. It can be a fun game to play, especially when I begin to see the pounds melting away. It's also fund to realize I don't have to listen to that other person who seems to be talking in my brain. I can switch to a higher, more amazing mind gear when I get in touch with what God is showing me.

I understand, though, that many have tried to convince themselves to change and they understand they need to change, but there are deep, deep emotional ruts we are stuck in and the process seems impossible. Ah, but I know a God who says with Him the impossible is possible.

When you are stuck in a deep rut, the truth is you need some help getting pulled out. That's what Sweet Change Weight Loss Coaching and Accountability Group is all about. We help you figure out ways to change your mind, to get unstuck, to look at weight loss differently. Many of us are like that stubborn old uncle who will never see things our way.

At times there seems like we have two brains and one of them acts like that stubborn old uncle. There's the stuck old uncle who doesn't want to change and there's the real you who cognitively knows you are going to die quicker if you keep eating that way and sitting on your behind all day long without moving except to get another piece of cake or bag of chips and a super-size drink. We have to kick the uncle out or at least silence him. It seems cruel because he is part of us. However, he is doing us no favors.

Sweet Change Group is so awesome in that those in the group are on the journey with you and dealing with their old stubborn old uncles. I'm there to help you think about your choices and encourage you to look at things differently, tap into the power of God and the resources He has blessed you with to take you to your destiny.

The truth is God wants this more than you do. Why? Because before time He planned your destiny. "Your eyes saw me unformed, yet in Your book all my days were written, before any of them came into being" (Ps. 139:16). We are pretty good at messing it up though. We want our destiny, but we also want our cake too. We have to learn how those two things do not go together. We cannot have both.

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