How You Can Sabotage Your Success

What you believe can be a hindrance to God prospering you.
What you believe can be a hindrance to God prospering you. (Charisma archives)

Nine times out of ten when I tell people I am a life coach, their immediate response is, "I need a life coach." As I slowly begin probing them as to why they need a coach, the conversation eventually turns to what exactly I do in my coaching sessions. So over the next couple weeks I am going to be sharing with you, some of the tools of success I use with my clients, and hopefully you will find them helpful as well.

The first area I focus on is what I refer to as your core your heart and character which make you, you.

Here we unpack your values, beliefs, and the thoughts in your mind which determine how you view yourself, others, and the world around you.

Therefore the first "exercise" is identifying what I call your I am statements – the thoughts you believe which are filled with truth, hope, peace, and love. Alongside of these, it's also important to identify those pesky lies which fill you with fear, doubt, and insecurity. If you don't recognize these lies and get rid of them at the start, then later on when you are stepping into the fun stuff like your big dreams and goals, it makes it hard to move forward (the lies are often the real reason people are stuck).

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So, if you are looking for a little break in your day, take some time and jot down your I am statements and your values. I gave you some examples below to help get you started.


I am Statements:

   I am a child of God, I am full of purpose and passion, I am worthy of love, I am ...

My Top I Am Statements:

   I am worthy of love, etc.
My Values: 

Communication, Joy, Trust, Fun, Adventure, Freedom, Loyalty, etc.

My Top 3 Must-Live Values:

1. Freedom

2. Adventure

3. etc.

Just like you need water, food, and shelter to survive in life, you also need your top I am statements and values to survive, and truly THRIVE in life. When you are aware of the unique qualities that drive you each day, you are then able to make sure these remain your foundation week in and week out.

Proverbs 4:23 (NIV) says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

So again, when you recognize what you actually believe in your heart, it then gives you the opportunity to make a conscious effort to guard those beliefs and values which you hold so dear, and make them apart of your everyday living.

In this post, I am just scratching the surface, but hopefully this exercise gives you a starting point to, "Nail your colors to the wall," as they say.

What you believe is who you are becoming, and I want to help you believe the very best about yourself, others, and the world around you, so that you can move forward without fear, doubt, or insecurity hindering your success.

Stay tuned next week for more coaching tips to help you on your journey.

Mikaela Kate is passionate to see you reach your full God-given potential! Her heart is to inspire the next generation to discover who they are and what they are made to do. There is a unique voice locked within you, and Mikaela Kate is authorized to release it! A speaker, writer, and coach, Mikaela Kate has invested seven years developing college-age men and women into leaders. Conducting Bible studies, women's groups, and young adult teams, she encourages others to go further and higher—taking their gifts, passions, and skills to the next level! A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in marketing, she discovered her love for strategic thinking, big picture ideas, and meeting people where they are. These skills and passions later equipped her to plant a church with five other staff members (Veritas Church, Iowa City, IA). From there she moved to Sheffield, England and worked as the Young Adults Leader at St. Thomas Philadelphia. While in England her passion for America grew and her desire to see her native land transformed for Jesus ignited. She sees people living out their God-given purpose as a key to the transformation of this nation. Mikaela currently lives in South Carolina and is an active member of The Father's House Church.

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