3 Vital Questions to Start Renewing Your Mind

You must do this to conquer a negative attitude.
You must do this to conquer a negative attitude. (Pexels)

We all have some area we want to see changed or improved. Hopefully you've already mastered your New Year's resolutions, but if that's not quite you yet, here's some food for thought.

You've maybe heard the quote, "If you want to see change, change your mind."  

We know that this statement is true, but sometimes the reality of actually changing our mindset is harder than it seems.

Just as it's important to feed your body with quality nutrients, it is equally important to make sure you're feeding your mind with good things to keep you operating at your best. Therefore, I wanted to give you three quick tips to help change your mind so you can change your life.

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1. What Do You Feed Your Mind Each Day?  

There are TV shows you watch, books you read, podcasts you listen to and people you engage with every day, which means information is continually being poured into you. Take time to notice the type of content you are allowing into your thoughts—it affects your daily life more than you know.

Takeaway Tip: Notice if there is any negative fruit in your life and see if it might be coming from sources you need to replace.

2. Whom Do You Allow to Influence Your Thinking? 

We've all been around toxic people—those individuals who are negative and never seem to say anything nice. You need to make sure their words don't rub off on you.

Personally, I have a small group of friends I allow to help shape my thinking and beliefs. Of course, I am open to other thoughts and opinions, but they're always sifted through my trusted friends and advisers.

Takeaway Tip: Identify your core group of people who allow you to bounce ideas off, share honestly and give feedback.

3. How Often Do You Evaluate Your Thoughts? 

Every day, you are exposed to over 5,000 messages, and that's not including all the conversations you engage with, TV shows you watch and words you read as you scroll through social media.

All to say, you are exposed to a lot of words, so it's important to take note of what you are taking in to make sure you're only absorbing the good stuff.

Takeaway Tip: Journal daily! This will help you shift through any "garbage" you may have picked up that needs to be thrown out.

And as always, I would love to hear from you.

What tips do you have, books do you read or advice do you apply to help shape your mind, which in turn create lasting change in your life.

Don't be shy! I would love to hear from you.

Great Books to Help Change Your Mind: 

* Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf 

* Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

* Boundaries by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

* Daringly Greatly by Brene Brown 

A speaker, writer and coach, Mikaela Kate has invested seven years in developing leaders from college-age men and women. Conducting Bible studies, women's groups, and young adult teams, she encourages others to go further and higher—taking their gifts, passions and skills to the next level. Mikaela currently lives in South Carolina and is an active member of The Father's House Church.

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