This One Thing Will Move You Into Jesus' Inner Circle

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Jesus is both willing and able to heal, but He gives us the responsibility of a free will. He respects the authority of the house. When the authority of the house surrenders to His ultimate authority, His healing power releases and heals. Let's look to the following example, found in Luke 8:40-56, to understand what I mean.

Here we read the testimony of how a man named Jairus invites Jesus to his house to heal his sick daughter. Jesus agrees to go with him to his house but has another woman to attend to first. In the meantime, Jairus' daughter dies. When they arrive, Jesus encounters doubt and unbelief. He tries to encourage the people to believe, but they only laugh at Him. But because Jesus has the go-ahead from the authority of that household, Jairus and his wife, He ministers to their daughter.

Before He can do so, He has to kick the doubt and unbelief out. In other words, He makes the doubters leave the room, shuts the door and only allows those who believe to remain with Him: Peter, James, John and the girl's parents. He then raises the little girl from the dead.

My question for you is this, "If you had been there at this time, which side of the door would you have been on?" Would you be one of the few whom Jesus allowed into the room? Or would you be with the majority who thought human reasoning and common sense were greater than the power of faith to raise this girl from the dead?

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Sometimes we look at these examples in the Bible and forget that these stories are true happenings with real people just like you and me. I believe this situation is taking place over and over again within Christian families every day all around the world. And yet many are quick to place the blame on God and say it's not His will to heal this person, and negate their responsibility to believe.

Peter, James and John were three out of 12 disciples that were receiving personal training from Jesus about His kingdom ways. The others had the same opportunities to learn how to believe, but they chose to remain outside of Jesus' inner circle. How about you? What side of the door are you on? As a believer in Jesus, do you actually believe in His ways? Are you included in His inner circle because you have trained yourself to believe? Or are you on the wrong side of the door because you believe in your human reasoning more than you do in the sayings and ways of Jesus?

These might be tough questions for us to ask ourselves, but they are real and to the point. And they are the types of questions we should be using to judge ourselves. I don't know about you, but I desire to be invited into His inner circle and be a part of His kingdom ways.

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the author of DARE to Believe, Greater Than Magic, The Healing Creed and her new book, The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words. Visit her at You are welcome to click and have a free preview of Chapter 1, or you can click to purchase your copy now.

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