How Praying in Tongues Allows You to Speak the Mysteries of God

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Learn to release the hidden things of God with every word you speak. Allow His power to flow from your tongue, as you pray in the Spirit. First Corinthians 14:2 tells us that when we pray in the Spirit we speak mysteries. And this portion of Scripture describes these mysteries for us. "For he who speaks in an unknown tongue does not speak to men, but to God. For no one understands him, although in the spirit, he speaks mysteries" (1 Cor.14:2).

This word "mysteries" (Strong's G3466 – mysterion) means "hidden things." When you speak in tongues, you speak into existence the hidden or secret things God has planned for you, or the hidden things you have need of in any given situation, or to those you are ministering to. I have seen this principle work time and time again in my life and ministry.

I, like Paul, pray in the Spirit (tongues). And I pray more in my supernatural prayer language than in my earthly language, and I pray often in tongues. See 1 Corinthians 14:18. I have seen how this God-given gift to His followers is so powerful, especially for the day and the hour in which we live. I can't encourage my fellow believers enough to learn how to pray in the Spirit and to pray often in tongues. Use this supernatural language to bring the miraculous about into your situation.

Sometimes I pray for hours at a time in the Spirit while walking out under the stars. Other times, my prayer in supernatural languages is just a quick release. My husband, and other people who travel with me, tell me I pray in tongues while I am sleeping. How can this be? We need to understand that we do not pray in tongues using our mind, but it comes from deep within us, from our spirit wielded to His Spirit. And I tell you it is so powerful. This is why the enemy fights against this teaching, because He knows its power and that Jesus promised to send us this prayer language when the Holy Spirit would ascend upon us.

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I run into all kinds of situations, especially in the healing ministry, that in the natural I have no way of knowing how to pray for. Let me share a few different types of situations with you. I was walking down a pathway to a woman's house in a village. This woman had been bedridden for many years, and her body was very twisted. And the pastor and the elders brought me to her home expecting a miracle. When I saw this woman totally twisted from the neck down, I didn't even know how to pray. But that was OK. I had been praying under my breath in the Spirit as we were walking down the pathway to her home.

When I saw her, I asked the Lord, "What do I do?" And because I had been prayed up in the Spirit, all fear and intimidation were removed from me, my faith was built up to believe, and the hidden things that would release the woman from this bondage of Satan and ultimately heal her had been revealed to my spirit. I clearly heard the Lord respond to me, "Speak life to dead bones." And when I heard His instructions about what I needed to do, my spirit responded, "Oh, I can do this." And I did, and the woman's body unraveled, and she was delivered and healed.

My husband and I were driving in Guatemala City, and the car was acting up. My husband was trying to figure out what it might be. I prayed a quick prayer in tongues, and I heard the name of a car part. I asked my husband if this was a car part and if it might be the problem. And it was exactly what was wrong with the car.

I was flying in a plane, and just praying in my supernatural language under my breath, and I saw flash before my eyes a young man who used to attend the same church as we did before we moved to the mission field. Now, I had not seen this man in years, but his face clearly appeared before me. And so I prayed in the Spirit for him. And wouldn't you know, at that night's service, that young man was there. I was taken back a bit, and I knew that I knew the Lord had revealed hidden things to me to pray into his life, via the power of praying in tongues.

I share these brief but amazing testimonies with you about the power of praying the hidden things of God into being by the power of praying in tongues to encourage your faith to do the same.

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the author of DARE to Believe, Greater Than Magic and The Healing Creed. Visit her at

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