How One Man's Cancer Miracle May Be the Answer for Breast Cancer

(Facebook/Chris Wark)

When Chris Wark received his colon cancer diagnosis, he wanted to know why. "Why me? Why isn't the child molester getting cancer?" And many of the 1 in 8 U.S. women who receives a breast cancer diagnosis no doubt feel that way, too.

But once Wark listened to God's specific guidance for his life, not only did he avoid 12 months of chemotherapy for his own cancer, but he also learned truths about holistic healing that he shares on his website and in his bestselling book, Chris Beat Cancer. These truths, he says, certainly apply to those with breast cancer. One of the most important, he says, is something "cancer patients are not told. ... up to 90% of cancers are caused by our diet or lifestyle choices and our environment."

Especially in the area of diet, Wark says, "most of those factors are things we have control over. We choose every day what we put in our mouths. We choose every day what products we're putting on and in our bodies. We choose every day whether or not to exercise, to get fresh air and sunshine, to spend time in prayer. Your physical condition today is largely a result of the choices you've been making for the last 5-10 years. ... By and large, most cancers are chronic diseases that are caused by our choices."

When Wark got colon cancer, he says, doctors told him that even after surgery and the chemotherapy they said he needed, he only had a 60% chance of living five years. But he took James 2:26, "faith without works is dead," to heart. "Faith without action is dead. ... so for me, the action I took was believing that God would heal me miraculously. I was praying and asking for that, or just to lead me in the path of healing—either one's fine. Whether it's instantaneous or it takes some time; either one's OK with me, but I want to get well; I want to live. I was very clear about that. And so I was asking God for healing and asking Him to lead me and guide me. But at the same time, I was also reading and researching and learning and changing my life."

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Learn more about why Wark now thrives almost 16 years after his own cancer diagnosis and how his ideas can help you or someone you know prevent or beat cancer by listening to this podcast.

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