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Why You Should Dream Big Again

"You've probably had to give up some of your dreams somewhere along the way. But God only asks you to give them up so He can replace them with something better."

starting line for race

How to Run Your Race of Faith

You have a race course of faith created for you. This is the only way you can finish your race of faith.

Marco Dvorak

When Your Dead Son Comes to Life

Becky's adopted 1-month-old son died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Then God stepped in with a command while she prayed for him.

woman holding last dollar

When You're Stressed About Money

We don't like to talk about money, yet their are a lot of Scriptures about finances. Here are three Scriptures to speak over your finances, regardless of whether your rich or poor.

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Why I Don't Date

Amber DeGrew goes to a secular university. Here's why Amber isn't caving into the pressure to be sexually active.

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