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woman crying

When the Church Hurts You

What do you do when a friend confides in you that someone in the church has wounded her? 

mom and son

Why You Should Take Your Children to Church

It's tempting to dump church when you're juggling taking care of kids, working and trying to pay your bills. Here's some insight from a mom who was tempted to dump church one day to hang out with her kids.

bottle of beer

Why I Don't Drink Alcohol

"I want to share my perspective on the effects of drinking based on God's Word and from the eyes of a young, impressionable Christian."

fearful woman

How Fear Drives Weight Gain

When she was molested at 11, that event shaped her fear of men. Here's how God set her free from that fear which led to losing weight.

woman head down discouraged

When You're Out of Position

This woman had it all but lost everything because of this one thing. Here's why you need to know your position before God.

young couple

Are You Really in Love?

Women are pressured by culture to not be alone. Here's how to tell if you're really in love or you just don't want to be alone.

woman breaking out of  box

Is the Devil Trying to Keep You in a Box?

Harriet Tubman once said that she could set more slaves free if they knew they were in slavery. Here's how living in slavery for women becomes acceptable.

man speaking to woman

Can Satan Speak to You?

If you're filled with the Holy Spirit, can the enemy speak to you within your devotions?

conquering woman

Why You've Been Set Free

Are we willing to use our freedom to lift the weight that religion has wrongly placed on others?

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