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depressed woman

Are You Afraid to Ask for Help?

We don't like to ask for help because we think this is a sign of weakness. Here's how God may be sending you relief through the people you love.

6 Orphans Killed in Nuba by Islamic Bombs

Kimberly L. Smith pioneered a ministry for orphans and widows in the Sudan. Here's her insight on a recent incident overlooked by major news media.

orphans in Sudan

Finding the Lost Parts of You in God

Kimberly L. Smith grew up in an abusive home but went on to found a ministry to orphans. Here's how God transformed her past to rescue children forgotten in a war zone.

woman sunrise

God Could be Answering Your Cries This Way

You're crying out to God for direction and He may speaking through what's obvious to everyone. Are you missing it? Find out how one woman saw the light.

Teresa Shields Parker

How Being Fat Saved My Life

At 430 lbs., Teresa Shields Parker was hopeless about losing weight. Then God sent her a messenger who gave her hope to battle the enemy within her.

Asia Bibi

Christian Mom of 5 Sentenced to Death

Asia Bibi's attorneys have 30 days to appeal to the highest court in Pakistan. She has been accused of blasphemy in a Muslim nation.

woman in transition

When You Seem Lost From God's Love

With six miscarriages and constant depression, Debora felt far from God's love. Here's how God restored her to becoming an author who ministers to women.

couple walking

4 Ways to Build Up a Godly Husband

After 25 years of marriage, Tricia realized that her husband was looking for four things. Here are four ways you can create a firm foundation for a godly marriage.


How to Influence Your Teen to Love God

Many parents still treat their teenager as a child without realizing the damage they create by talking to them like a kid. Here's some wisdom on how to influence your teen to love God.

pastors praying in Houston

Who Will Rise Up Against the Wicked?

Anne Graham Lotz sent a note to Houston Mayor Annise Parker after her recent call for pastors to turn in their sermons related to homosexuality. Here's what Anne shared with the mayor and how this request affects Christians. 

surprised woman

A Christian Woman's View of the Word 'Feminist'

'Feminist' is a loaded term associated with women who are liberal or pro-abortion. Here's some insight from a godly woman on how authority is connected to the word 'feminist.'

woman sitting at desk

What's Your Excuse?

Is it lack of faith? Lack of willpower? Lack of knowledge? Lack of discipline? Lack of energy?

woman having breakdown

How to Bounce Back From a Meltdown

Is a breakdown a sign of lack of faith? Here's how to pull the presence of God into a moment when it seems you're losing everything.
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