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single mom

3 Ways to Break Free From 'New Mommy Syndrome'

When she made the transition from being single to becoming a new mom, she found herself without friends. Here's how she broke out of the isolation that's common for new moms.

Hispanic mom and son

3 Ways to Minister as a Family

Here are 3 easy things you can do to encourage your family to make evangelism part of your lifestyle.

African American family

When a Gift From God Isn't Convenient

Sometimes doing God's will doesn't fit your budget or schedule. So what do you do when you're faced with this challenge to your comfort zone?

guy and girl

How Do I Stay Sexually Pure?

A young woman in college asks for advice on how to stay sexually pure when everyone is 'doing it.' Here's a response with godly wisdom that could apply to anyone struggling with celibacy.

two women talking

The Key to a Missions-Minded Lifestyle

You don't have to be in full-time ministry to proclaim the gospel. Here's a key from the apostle Paul who worked as a tent maker yet made evangelism his lifestyle.

woman arguing

When Christians Talk Crazy

Has someone in church told you that you were sick because of your sin? This is an example of crazy talk that's prevalent in the church. Here's why it needs to stop.

woman in fear

3 Safety Nets in Times of Distress

Human nature is programmed to flee danger. Yet, there is a constant stream of situations that evoke feelings of insecurity. Here's how to handle the distress.

mom and daughters

Living a Life Without Regret

A friend's brush with death is a reminder of how we need to value our relationships. You can't change the past, but you can set the course for your future.

dad watching baby sleep

Why We're Desperate for Good Dads

Experts say that a child gets his or her identity from their dad. Here's how 1 dad is impacting his daughter despite his battle with a life-threatening disease.

woman on railroad tracks

How God Can Use Your Brokenness

Just as light shows through or water pours out of cracks in a broken pot, Jesus shows through our brokenness.

woman kissing sick man in hospital bed

Why God Allows Suffering

Within an 18-month period, Anne Graham Lotz experienced loss, disease gripping a loved one and her parent's medical crisis. Here's what the Holy Spirit showed Anne during this challenging season.

woman walking through door

How to Launch Your Adventure in God

Walking in God's grace is an exhilarating journey of enjoying His presence and provision. Here's how to kick off your own adventure in God.

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