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When God Says No

Are you praying for something and getting nowhere? Here's how God may be answering your prayer with silence.


Abby Johnson

When God Meets an Abortion Provider

Abby Johnson's dream was to build the largest abortion clinic in the western hemisphere. Here's how God interrupted her plans.

woman in crisis

How God Steps Into Your Trauma

On the verge of a divorce and her father dying, God broke into her dark season with this one thing. Here's how He steps in when life is spinning out of control.

sad woman

3 Lessons That God Teaches While You're Waiting

When she was single, she wondered when she would get married. When she got married, she dealt with infertility. Here's what God showed her during the seasons of waiting.

woman in church

Are You Wearing a Spiritual Mask to Church?

Hiding behind the facade of 'God is good' is common in churches. Here's how to break out of the pressure of putting on a spiritual mask to truly connect with other believers.

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How Do You Know What God Wants?

She was a pregnant teenager when she became a Christian and was ready to do anything for God. Here's what the Holy Spirit revealed to this teen mom that set the course for her future as an author and speaker.

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What Your Scars Say About God's Love

Michele Perry had 23 surgeries as a child and grew up to be a speaker, author and missionary. Here's what the Holy Spirit showed her about the hidden scars that no one can see.

Is the World Falling Apart?

This is the second part of a series of warnings from Anne Graham Lotz for those who may be left behind after the rapture. 

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3 Ways to Respond When People Wrong You

This woman couldn't stand to be with her ex-husband. Here's how God reminded her of His power to carry her through this difficult encounter.

Janet Boynes

Don't Suffer in Silence

The arrest of several NFL players related to domestic violence put the issue of abuse in front of the nation. This woman's testimony of surviving abuse is a reminder of why we should always be aware of abuse.

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