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pray for Jerusalem

Why We Must Stay Vigilant in Prayer for Jerusalem

World intelligence experts have identified a new terrorist group associated with al-Qaeda, which they consider more dangerous than ISIS. Here's why we must persist in prayer for Jerusalem.

angry woman

The Mad Mom

You've seen her at the grocery store or big-box retailer. God turned the tables on one mom witnessing a moment of anger between another mom and her child.

woman behind a wall

When You Want to Hide

If you've ever thought you wanted to drop out of your spiritual race, or hide from God, read this.

woman with questioning look

Do You Wait on God or Go?

Sometimes the answer is both. Here's how God answered a single mom of 5 kids with unexpected provision and favor.

woman in church

Why Pastors' Wives Misbehave

We may forget that our pastor's wife is human. Here's why we need to let her be who God has called her to be in her humanity.

two woman arguing

Are You Easy to Offend?

In Luke 17, Jesus  warned that offenses will come. Here's how to handle offenses in a godly manner.

pray for Israel

Why We Need to Pray for the Jews

Anne Graham Lotz was criticized by The Jerusalem Post for calling on Christians to pray for Jerusalem. Here's Anne's response to that criticism and why we need to urgently pray for Jerusalem.

praying earnestly

We've Prayed for 9/11. Now What?

Kay Horner is executive director of the Awakening America Alliance. Here's a prophetic warning that Kay received for the church.


Where True Intimacy Starts in Marriage

Teresa Shields-Parker thought her issues with intimacy were caused by her weight. The Holy Spirit revealed another cause that's common to most women.

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