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One Word for 2015: Shine

Are you afraid of being noticed or standing out? Here's God broke that fear off one woman's life so she could let her light shine.

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How to Enter Times of Refreshing

God promises us that He will grant us times of refreshing, but how do we find them amid our extra hectic schedule?
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Make a Resolution to Know Christ in 2015

A new year gives us a chance to start again. To be a better person than we were the year before. But it is no secret that most resolutions fail.


When You Risk Your Life for God

Jennie Allen discusses the story of a young Christ-follower leading a risky, uncomfortable life, which led her to question her own faith. 

Rise Up Like a Lioness

Author and speaker Lisa Bevere presents this riveting prophetic portrait of a lioness who protects her young with stunning strength. Enjoy this excerpt from her book, Lioness Arising.

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