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The Other Side of Grief

The church can be the last place you want to be when you're mourning. Here's how you can help a friend who is grieving or how God can step into your mourning.

mad couple

Showing God's Love When You're Mad at Your Ex

You've heard the Bible verses about divorce and you didn't want to get a divorce. Yet, here you are with an ex. How do you show God's heart towards someone who hurt you?

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Justifying Your Captivity

If we're influenced by culture or circumstances instead of the Holy Spirit, we need to change. Here's how God can bring freedom to respond to Him alone.

follower of Jesus

Bearing the Mark of Following Jesus

A follower of Jesus wears a mark that's considered a badge of honor. Here's the mark that makes you distinctive as a believer.

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Staying Steady in Your Faith During Change

You might wish you'd never had to leave your watering hole for the dry place you're in, but know that God is in it with you and is preparing you for higher ground.

woman crying

Where's God in My Divorce?

No one plans to get a divorce and become a single parent. If you or your friend or loved one is wondering how they ended up divorced, here's some encouragement.


Why Wait on God for a Guy

Spring is around the corner which means romance. Here's why you can trust God to bring the right person into your life.

Trillia Newbell

5 Reasons to Know Someone Different Than You

It has been said that the most segregated hour in the nation is during church on Sunday. Here's why it's important to reach out to someone whose skin color is different than your skin color.

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Find God's Mission for Your Life

Your ultimate achievement is to pour your gifts, talents and energy into God's cause. Here's the key to finding your life mission.

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