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Anne Graham-Lotz

When Blessings Bring You Battles

A spiritual victory can put you in a vulnerable place for defeat. Here's a warning from Anne Graham-Lotz to keep your victory

mom talking to son

LISTEN: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex?

Most parents dread talking about sex with their kids. Parenting experts Barrett and Jenifer Johnson offer some practical guidelines for having this important conversation with your kids.

African American couple

6 Keys to Showing Your Husband Respect

Men crave respect from their wives. Here are 6 ways to showing admiration and respect to your husband that will strengthen the foundation of your marriage.

woman frustrated

Read This If You Are Confused About Your Calling

Have you ever considered why you were called to be a child of God? Was it to become a powerful preacher of the gospel, to be a missionary in a far-off country or to be a good husband and father or wife and mother?

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