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Marco Dvorak

When Your Dead Son Comes to Life

Becky's adopted 1-month-old son died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Then God stepped in with a command while she prayed for him.

woman holding last dollar

When You're Stressed About Money

We don't like to talk about money, yet their are a lot of Scriptures about finances. Here are three Scriptures to speak over your finances, regardless of whether your rich or poor.

college girl

Why I Don't Date

Amber DeGrew goes to a secular university. Here's why Amber isn't caving into the pressure to be sexually active.

stressed out mom

10 Reasons Why Moms Need Friends

Summer can be an isolating time for moms at home with the kids. Here are 10 reasons why we need to reach out to moms regardless of our status in life.

supernatural man

What God Treasures

Jesus came to for one purpose. Here's what He values.

women praying for each other

Why Women Need Each Other

God is moving women to the forefront in every area of leadership. Many of them are being equipped and empowered through their relationships with other women.

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