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mad woman

When the Bible Makes Me Mad

Have you read something in the Bible that makes you mad? Here's how you should respond when a scripture trips you up.

Debora M. Coty

Discovering You're Old

Are you close to or over the halfway mark of your life? Here's a humorous take on hitting that milestone.

woman of honor

Honor Releases Godly Love

Walking in love becomes easier when we esteem the value of every individual in the eyes of God.

Alex Haywood

How to Pray With Your Teenagers

Does the idea of praying with your teenagers scare you? Or you've tried it and it was incredibly boring? Here's a simple way to teach your teenager to pray.

father and son

Moms, Let Dad Lead

You're praying for your husband to be the spiritual leader, but your actions say you want to be in charge. Here's how to release the reins to your husband so he can step into his calling as a leader in the home.
Child holding sign

Child Shaming

There's a disturbing trend on Facebook news feeds of pictures being posted with kids holding signs to discipline them. Here's why that form of discipline is wrong.


woman at sunrise

Where's God in My Battle?

Whether you're facing the giant of disease, poverty, bad relationships or your past, here's where God is in your fight.

How God Answers in Your Storm

Sometimes God answers your heart cry by not delivering you from distress. Here's how He answers in your challenging circumstances.

Anne Graham Lotz

2014: The Year of God's Presence

Anne Graham Lotz shares a letter she received from a pastor imprisoned in Iran. He's made a prophetic declaration for 2014.

group of women

Respond to Your Call to Influence

Women are in a unique position to influence and shape the lives of people around them. Here's how God has equipped women to change the world.

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