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Why Wait on God for a Guy

Spring is around the corner which means romance. Here's why you can trust God to bring the right person into your life.

Trillia Newbell

5 Reasons to Know Someone Different Than You

It has been said that the most segregated hour in the nation is during church on Sunday. Here's why it's important to reach out to someone whose skin color is different than your skin color.

woman looking up

Find God's Mission for Your Life

Your ultimate achievement is to pour your gifts, talents and energy into God's cause. Here's the key to finding your life mission.

woman surprised

How to Handle Trouble

The person you looked up to and followed is gone. You're in the middle of trouble with no answers. What do you do now?

woman eating

Fighting the Constant Hunger

Are you constantly hungry? Shauna Niequist understands your struggle. Here's an excerpt from her latest book, Bread and Wine.

depressed woman

When Depression Isn’t Healed

Does taking anti-depressants mean you don't have faith that God can heal you from depression? Here's one woman's story of dealing with depression.

woman praying

With One Mind and One Voice

Anne Graham Lotz shares the strategy for the National Day of Prayer 2014. The theme is having one mind and one voice, but we still need to know Him.

African American boy

Why Your Child Needs a Safe Place to Fail

Is your child secure in knowing that they can mess up and you will respond in a godly manner? Here's why children need to feel safe when they fail at home.

woman searching

When Change Hurts

Where's God when transition hurls pain your way? Here's how God steps in when you can't control change.

praying couple

Reboot Your Marriage

The restoration of marriage is one of the indicators of an awakening in America. Here's what you can do to invigorate your marriage.

successful woman

The Key to a Successful Life

Unless we are motivated by obedience to the Word of God, we will never know true success for our lives.

open sky

How God Speaks While You Sleep

God delights in communicating with us. Our spirits can entertain His voice and be encouraged, even in our sleep.

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