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woman racing

Finishing Your Race

Janice had never run a race in her life. Here's what God showed her after her first race.

woman speaking

God Wants to Speak Through You

Evangelism takes on a new prophetic power when we pause a moment and ask God what He has to say to the people we meet.


woman with clock

9 Ways to Make Time for God

Are you too busy doing "good" things to focus on "God" things? Here are 9 things you can do to create more time for your relationship with God.

woman praying

Pray for Awakening in America

The director of Awakening America Alliance shares a simple plan for praying for awakening everyday.

kid with special needs

The Group Forgotten by the Church

Over 80 percent of this group doesn't go to church even though they would like to. Here's why they are staying away.

woman putting on makeup

Makeup Won't Send You to Hell

There are some Christians who believe you shouldn't wear makeup. But there are some issues beyond appearance that Christians should be concerned about.

Bo Stern

Daring to Feel Again

Bo Stern's church is on a seven-day fast. Here's how God is moving in her life on the second day of it.

barren land

Logging Mileage in the Barren Land

Just as the highway of life has stretches of wilderness, we can't avoid seasons of loneliness, hardship and pain. Here's why you need to keep going through those seasons.

business meeting

When Busyness Takes Control

Here's why following Christ doesn't mean you have to attend every church service, serve on every committee and burn yourself out.

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