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Why You Can't Carry Out God's Will in Your Own Strength

Take a moment and see if you've bought into the myth that when we get a clear assignment from God, it's on us to carry it out in our own strength. While that seems normal in the world, it's not God's way.

Mothering: Your Marvelous Ministry

No matter what season your mothering is in, whether it's the diaper-changing years, the education years or the letting-go years, once you are a mother, you carry that ministry in your heart throughout your lifetime.
Rachel Held Evans

What I Had in Common With Rachel Held Evans

Perhaps the church would be better off if we called a moratorium on our inner debating, if only for a short while, to truly empathize with the grieving, hurting, doubting and searching that our Christian neighbors across the theological aisle are facing right now.

Your Never-Fail Beauty Treatment

A clean-up job was begging. But instead, I covered it with the busyness of life, hoping no one would notice the blemishes that stained inside.
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